Type A B C D E F
GIGANT 30 3900 9100 4100 2100 1220 2850

F Indicated width of the sprayer

Size A depends on the size of the booms
Size B depends on the size of the booms


Type Full (kg) Empty (kg)
GIGANT 11000 6000 16900
GIGANT 12500 6450 19900

Booms and tank

Working width (m) Contents (l)
24 - 36 11000 - 14000


Basic equipment

  • adjustable upper hinge 95 - 100cm
  • fixed shaft
  • air-suspended tandem axle, revolving with wheel track 225cm
  • air and parking brake
  • maximum possible wheel diameter is 165cm
  • AR 250 pump for the booms up to 30m
  • two AR 185 pumps for the booms over 30m, with hydraulic drive from the tractor
  • fiberglass tank with breakwaters, internal washing, pressure and overflow agitation
  • 15l canister for washing
  • 600l clean water tank integrated in the main tank with water meter
  • manually tilting PE 60l admixing tank with quadruple function controller, internal rinsing, water mark, rinsing nozzle for canisters and agitating nozzle, central 5-way pressure valve, central 5-way suction valve, external 2“ filling and suction, 1 suction + 2 pressure filters
  • computer Spraydos
  • air control fitting
  • 6 working width sections (up to 30m)
  • 8 working width sections (over 30m)
  • booms with active tilting and potentiometer
  • full set of shock absorbers on the booms and swing
  • stainless steel pipes in the booms Ø 20mm with tripple nozzle holders at 50cm intervals
  • lights for road travel
  • hydraulics controlled with three hydraulic circuits from the tractor
  • toolbox
  • Wheels 520/85 R38 17 A8


The GIGANT with its 10,000-14,000l tank and tandem axle is the largest trailed sprayer on the market. It can easily demonstrate its abilities at maximum working boom width on very long tracts of land. A smaller tank would require too frequent returns from the center of the field to the headland with an empty tank and back to the field after refilling. It can also eliminate the need to bring water to the sprayer in a tanker on the field, thus reducing e.g. wage costs. Adjustable upper hinge 95 - 100 cm