Application pipes


AT 25

A tube with upper dosing coin and free fertilizer outflow in the bottom of the tube without spraying. The tubes are placed at 25cm intervals on the sprayer. The tubes are practically pulled along the ground, so the maximum volume of the fertilizer is in contact with the soil. It has been demonstrated that DAM application to 25cm rows does not cause an uneven intake of the fertilizers and a striped appearance to the vegetation.


AT 50

A tube with upper dosing coin and bottom quintuple hole jet “nozzle” for production of five streams. The tubes are placed at 50cm intervals on the sprayer. Large drops are produced which can’t hold on the leaves but which fall onto the soil. They are more effective compared to the first type under dry conditions. Another benefit is that the holes from which the fertilizer flows out are located 10cm above the tube end. When the boom tilts and the tube sinks to the ground due to an uneven field surface, the nozzle will not clog and the fertilizer continues to flow.