Range (m) A B C D
24 - 36 3700 - 4000 9000 3850 2850

D Indicated width of the sprayer


Type Empty Full
DINO 6600 10500 17500

Booms and tank

Work. width (m) Content (l)
18 - 36 6600



  • AC CLASS cabin, category 4 carbon filter,  pneumatic seat, seat back
  • with moisture suction (to keep drivers back dry), radio tuner, front-view and rear-view camera, pneumatically controlled steps
  • 210 kW FPT (IVECO) engine, Tier 4 emission class
  • poclain Hydraulics hydraulic pump
  • poclain Hydraulics hydraulic motors, Hydromotors Poclain
  • with integrated brakes
  • hydraulic differential lock
  • hydro-pneumatic front and rear axle suspension, steering of both axles, „crab travel“, 3 speed ranges(field), 7 speed ranges (road)
  • 400 l fuel tank, travel speed 50 km/h
  • tires 380/90 R46  172 A8 /172 D


  • fiberglass tank with breakwaters and internal washing, pressure and overflow mixing
  • 2xAR 185 piston-membrane pump with hydraulic control from the chassis
  • hydraulic-tilting PE 60 ladmixing tank with quadruple function
  • controller, internal washing, water mark, rinsing nozzle for canisters and agitating nozzle.
  • 600 l clean water tank,  external filling and suction 2“ with valve,
  • 1 suction + 1 pressure 2“ filter
  • topline control - remote switching of sprayer‘s operation functions
  • ME computer without terminal
  • pneumatic controlled nozzles
  • 6 working width sections (up to 30m)
  • 8 working width sections (over 30m)
  • electronic water mark TANK-Control
  • booms with active tilting and potentiometer
  • full set of shock absorbers on the booms and swing, stainless steel pipes in the booms Ø 20mm with triple nozzle holders in 50 cm intervals


  • Road and field mode
  • Automatic shifting
  • Max. road mode speed 50 km/h
  • Cruise control
  • Terminal for display and control
  • functions of transmission, steering and engine


  • Comfortable, fully equipped CLAAS cabin
  • Ergonomic control
  • CLAAS joystick
  • Comfortable seat with heating and ventilation
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Stage IV air filtration (pressuarizated cabin)
  • Fridge
  • Radio

Hydrostatic transmission

  • New Poclain Hydraulics engines with integrated brakes
  • Boosted Breaking system
  • Off Road valves
  • Function cross speed
  • The possibility of emergency braking
  • Gradeability until 30 %


  • Engine IVECO 6 cylinder
  • Contents 6700 cm3
  • Emission class Tier IVf
  • Power 210 kW (285 HP)
  • torque 1150 Nm / 1500 pm


  • three regimes – font axle steering/ both axles steering /crab walk

  • correction of steering geometry with different wheel track (2,25 – 3m)

  • correction of eventual inner leakage

Self-propeller as the system carrier may be equipped with various extensions

Clearance 130 cm
Wheel track 2,25 - 3 m

The self-propelling DINO sprayer is characterized by its low center of gravity and excellent slope terrain handling. In extremely hilly terrain, its driving characteristics are unbeatable. Thanks to the unique suspension of its axles and design of its hydraulic drive with lock, Dino can not only climb a steep hill but also get through wet areas that may trap other machines. Its exchangeable extensions (spraying, spreading, tank with digest applicator) allow a wide range of uses for its chassis.