Agrio – the Czech sprayers without compromise

Agrio was established as a company in 1993 and has focused on the production and sale of plant protection technology since its beginnings. Cooperation with the GSB German-based sprayer manufacturer greatly influenced the development of the company; in the year of our company‘s incorporation, we purchased a license from them for the production of booms as well as much priceless information for the production of a high quality sprayer. For 20 years we have been constantly improving sprayers, but we haven‘t had to change the two pillars of our know-how - the air control fitting and spatial booms with pendulum suspension. The air control responds quickly, its maintenance is simple, and it has an unlimited lifespan despite intensive use of aggressive liquid fertilizers. Thanks to excellent balancing and suspension, Agrio booms permit the highest quality application even when riding on uneven field conditions. We devote extra attention to after-sale service to ensure that our machines operate reliably both during the warranty period and during the sprayer‘s period of operation. The machines are designed to withstand maximum load under industrial conditions. Our philosophy is based on our desire for our customers to benefit as much as possible from the operation of our sprayers. This is why we manufacture our machines specifically for our customers according to their individual needs to ensure that the customer is not lacking any operational equipment in operation on one hand, and that the machine does not contain any equipment that‘s useless to the customer on the other. We offer a wide range of trailed self-propelled sprayers as well as sprayer extensions. We have over 2000 customers ranging from Germany to Kazakhstan, and from Sweden to Bulgaria. I hope that some of our equipment will peak your interest, and perhaps you will give Agrio an opportunity to earn your trust.