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16 Mar 2018



CURVE-Control - Constant application rates when manoeuvring curves

CURVE-Control is another new application rate related function for Müller-Elektronik job computers (ISOBUS SPRAYER-Controller). When manoeuvring curves with the sprayer, it ensures a constant application rate both in the outer and inner areas.

This is made possible by switching different nozzle combinations on each section. A switchable multiple nozzle holder and VARIO-SELECT licence are required.Using a GPS receiver, the Müller-Elektronik terminal transmits the precise position of the boom to the field sprayer job computer. The job computer determines the speed and the curve radius by means of sensors and then calculates thecorresponding application rate per section. The system automatically adjusts the rate on each section by switching different nozzle combinations.



  • Highly precise application
  • Reduction of crop damage
  • Saving of resources
  • Precision farming in a class of its own



28 Nov 2017

Variable rate application


This system is intended for a variable rate application of liquid fertilizers and plant protection products in precision agriculture. The growth condition is rated on the base of spectral sensing system that allows to more flexible response on plant nutrition needs and identify the site-specific differences within the field. The online sensor measurement is possible to complete with map-overlay mode, that corrects the spraying intensity according to the yield potential zone. This combination of online sensing and yield potential map leads to more effective inputs – the higher rate application in weaker crop stand is applied only when high yield is expected on the specific place. The map of yield potential is calculated from time serie of satellite imagery and is stored on the server. The innovative element is an adjustment of yield potential map according the current weather conditions from the local meteorological measurement. Local sensors network consists of measuring nodes located in the fields, that capture the differences in the crop stand microclimate over the monitored area. The collected data is air temperature and humidity, leaf wetness, air pressure, soil moisture and temperature etc.





11 Oct 2016





1 Sep 2016

Adward of Exhibition "Golden spike"


New self-propelled sprayer Dino got the adward of Exhibition "Golden spike"



18 Apr 2016

AGRIO has got two awards at the TECHAGRO

The Czech manufacturer of sprayers Agrio MZS s.r.o. had on TECHAGRO, that from 3th to 7th April 2016 in Brno, Czech Republik, taken place, has got two medal. Both medals has got Agrio for the selfproppeled sprayer DINO. As first has got the Grand Prix for the completely new developped concept of selfproppeled sprayer. As second award has got the Silver Medal for the electronical steering of axles, that was developped together with company Claas. „That both awards make us very proud, because they show that our machines have the highest level of quality. Only in this way we can achieve the best for our customers“, said Ivan Olšan, the chairman of Agrio.


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The New: the selfproppeled sprayer DINO

The DINO is the new machine from Agrio with a ground clearance 140 cm and a tank volume 6600 liter. The sprayer has got a Claas cabine cat.4. The traction is provided with an IVECO engine 6,7m3 , 210 kW with norm TIER 4f, that also powers a hydraulic system from the company Poclain. Since 2017 will be the machines with the boom until 36 m on the first five cutomers delivered. The seriál production is expected to begin in 2018.


Quality in the plant protection

The company Agrio has been founded in 1993 and is the biggest producer of field sprayers in Czech Republik. The annual production is about 130 Machines. The wide range includes the trailed sprayers, carried sprayer for Unimog, JCB or other tracks and selfproppeled sprayers. The Agrio is well known in all Europe as a very responsible partner in a spray technology. The team of experienced designers and technicians improve all the time the machines to satisfy all new wishes of the customers. This is the only way to produce the right equipped sprayers also in the future belong the specific terms of different countries and farmers.