Range (m) A B C D
24 - 36 3700 - 4000 9000 3850 2850

D - Indicated width of the sprayer

The dimensions shown may vary depending on the equipment selected.

Booms and tank


Work. width (m) Content (l)
18 - 36 3000 - 5000


380/90 R46 172 A8/172 D



  • comfort cabin CLAAS


  • FPT engine with 151 kW output, emission standard Stage V
  • hydraulic pump Poclain Hydraulics
  • hydraulic engines Poclain Hydraulics
  • integrated brakes
  • hydraulic differential lock
  • pneumatic suspension of front and back axle
  • steering of both axles, crab mode,
    3 gears (field mode)
    5 gears (road mode)
    fuel tank volume 280 l
  • wheels 380/90 R46 172 A8/172 D

Pumps / Filling

  • piston-membrane pump 2 x AR 185 powered by hydraulics from the chassis
  • outside filling and suction 2”

Water / Tank

  • fibre glass tank with waterbreaks 3000 l
  • pneumatic spraying regulation
  • internal flushing of the tank
  • pressured mixing and overflow mixing
  • hydraulically folded PE 60 l induction hopper
  • clean water tank 300 l
  • electronic watermark TANK-Control

Computer / Electronics

  • ME computer without terminal

Boom / Distribution

  • 6 - 8 sections
  • Topline controls - remote control of work functions of the sprayer
  • full suspension of boom
  • boom with active tilting and potentiometer
  • stainless distribution in the boom Ø 20 mm with triple nozzle holders 50 cm apart

Transport speed 50 km/h


Gekon variant with variable ground clearance

  • Ground clearance 130 - 180 cm

  • Tank 3000 - 4000 l



  • road and working mode
  • automatic transmission in both modes
  • maximum transport speed up to 50 km/h
  • speed control by joystick or pedal
  • cruise control
  • terminal for display and control of drive, steering and engine functions
    (temperature, revolution, oil/fuel level, error messages, choice of driving mode, etc….)


  • modern system of wheel steering
  • 3 modes: front axle (road mode)/ front-back axle/ crab mode
  • steering with geometry correction while extended axle (track 2,25 - 3 m)
  • steering with correction of internal leakage of hydraulic system


  • engine FPT 6cylinder
  • volume 6700 cm3
  • complies to emission class Stage V
  • engine output 151 kV
  • torque 940 Nm / 1500 pm

Hydrostatic drive

  • new hydro engines PH with integrated brakes
  • Boosted Breaking system
    (braking without increasing engine revolution)
  • Off Road valves for maximum drive through terrain
  • possibility for emergency release of the brakes in case of defect
  • gradability up to 27%
  • ECODRIVE - optimal revolution of the engine according to load = lower consumption


fully equipped comfort cabin CLAAS

  • ergonomic handling
  • CLAAS joystick
  • comfortable heated seat with air extraction (the highest comfort)
  • air conditioned cabin
  • special defaming of the cabin
  • filtration category 4 (highest level of protection)
  • maximum view of all sides
  • refrigerator
  • car radio
  • camera to the front wheel and to the rear of the machine
  • pneumatically handled steps

Self-propeller as the system carrier may be equipped with various extensions

Ground clearance fixed 130 cm, variable 130 – 190 cm
Fixed track width minimum 200 cm, maximum 260 cm
Hydraulically extensible track width 225 – 300 cm

The occurrence of corn borer and western corn rootworm in some areas is spreading and therefore our company has decided to comply with our customers’ requirements and to widen our range of self-propelled sprayers with a new type. New self-propelled sprayer GEKON with hydraulically adjustable ground clearance from 130 cm to 180 cm and tank of 3000 - 5000 l will have a CLAAS cabin. This cabin has the highest protection level (Cat. 4) - overpressure chemical gas filtration, better noise elimination, ergonomic steering wheel, better suspension of all-leather seat with air extraction or “more comfortable” distribution of air-conditioned air. The new self-propelled sprayer will have individual suspension for each wheel to reach maximum comfort of the driver.

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