ISOBUS terminal of the newest generation usable long or width wise. 12,1” display allows to show up to five functions simultaneously.  Offers all functions for sprayer control. Possible to equip by TRACK-Leader (satellite navigation) and SECTION-Control (satellite section switch off).

dosage control:  navigation: GPS section switch off :
yes possible to equip possible to equip



Confirms to ISOBUS standard. All functions of sprayer control are possible to be equipped by application TRACK-Leader (satellite navigation) or SECTION-Control (satellite section switch off). With the 8” display and capacitive touch screen, ideal operation is guaranteed.

dosage control: navigation: GPS section switch off:
yes possible to equip possible to equip



StopSpray with ISOBUS - economically convenient variant of navigation and spraying control system with GPS section switch off. TRACK-Guide terminal is the base which can be equipped by other applications. Possible to control maximum of 9 sections.

dosage control navigation: GPS section switch off:
yes yes yes





Software for automatic section switch off of the machines with ISOBUS connected to terminal, TRACK-Leader and GPS signal. SECTION-Control can be used with sprayers, seed drills and industrial fertilisers spreaders.



Navigator software for terminals in connection with D-GPS receiver allowing parallel, identical, smooth and outline tracking.



   Additional equipment


TANK-Control III

ISOBUS compatible system for tank filling and flushing of sprayer. Possible to calculate spray dosage. Function control on external monitor or via terminal in cabin.




Signal receiver D-GPS GLONASS AG-STAR 200

(Deviation +/- 15 - 20 cm)


Signal receiver D-GPS GLONASS NAV 900

Basic variant (Deviation +/- 15 cm)