Agrio – the Czech sprayers without compromise

The company Agrio was established in 1993 and since its beginning it has been specialising in production and sale of plant protection technology. Cooperation with company GSB, a German producer of sprayers, from which we gained not only a lot of valuable information how to produce a good quality, effective and reliable sprayers, but also licence for the production of boom, was very important for the development of our company. Other significant milestone in the history of Agrio was more than a 10-year cooperation with a German company Inuma to which we supplied single components as well as completed sprayers. Even at that time we paid attention to maximum quality of our products and therefore got known on many international markets. At this time you can come across our sprayers to more than 14 countries of Europe. Agrio company can be proud of its history lasting longer than a quarter of a century within which it walked a long path from reconstruction of older sprayers to production of a complete line of modern trailed, extension or self-propelled sprayers. From a small company to an existing company with 90 employees and a production plant of an area of 18 000 m2. The biggest value of the company is our trade mark. Agrio has become a synonym for quality sprayers and a professional team of people who understand their work and always try to meet their customers’ requirements. Our current sprayers offer a wide variety of the most up-to-date equipment for the most accurate application of agents and fertilisers. But even in this context we consider mainly our customers and we emphasise simplicity of handling the machine, its reliability and also after sale service, mainly over the phone consulting or visits of our service technicians. Agrio sprayers have so far been bought by more than 3500 customers. I will be very pleased if you will find our wide variety of machines interesting.

Ivan Olšan, chairman