Dose control

Pneumatic valve, main valve and pneumatic section valves

The sensor on the chessis scans the sprayer's speed, the flowmeter measures the amount of liquid going through and the operating personnel controls the nozzle pressure on a glycerin pressure-meter. In case of deflection from the set dose the computer sends a signal to change the pressure over the regulation valve which is able to change the pressure on the nozzle from 0 to 10 atm in 5 seconds.

  • the fastest system of dose control in relation to the change of sprayer's speed
  • all the pneumatic valves are made of stainless steel and durable plastic material, electronic controlling items are inside the cabine - long service life
  • stainless control cabinet, can be unplugged from the sprayer
  • easy maintenance and servicing
  • manual, automatic and automatic with GPS