Application pipes


AT 25

Tube with upper dosing coin and unrestricted outlet of fertiliser at the bottom of the hose without splashing. On the sprayer, these tubes are placed 25 cm apart. The tubes are basically trailing on the ground and maximum amount of fertiliser comes into contact with soil. It is proven that application of DAM 390 into row spaced 25 cm does not cause uneven fertiliser intake and stripped appearance of cover.


AT 50

Tube with upper dosing coin and lower five-aperture ejection “nozzle” which creates 5 streams. On the sprayer, these hoses are placed 50 cm apart. Large drops, which cannot remain on the leaves, are created and flow easily onto the ground. In dry periods, they have a higher efficiency than the first type. Their other advantage is that the apertures through which the fertiliser empties, are 10 cm above the end of the tube. If boom is tilted due to uneven terrain and the tube is dug into the soil, the nozzle does not get clogged and the fertiliser still empties evenly.