Safer filling of plant protection products to the sprayers


  • System for filling plant protection products without contamination
  • Improved safety for operators
  • Easier handling and faster cleaning
  • Simple dosing
  • Can be used for majority of canister sizes
  • Safe security to the adapter of the eco-mixer (tank)
  • Repeatedly applicable canister adapter
  • User environmentally friendly
  • Smooth change of discharge flow rate of the preparation from the canister
  • Rinsing of bearing surfaces during partial canister discharge




Comfort Fill eco-mixer

The round shape of the eco-mixer provides for better rinsing of walls and in combination with drip-free easyFlow quick coupling allows the concentrated products to be filled from the canister to the sprayer tank and the canisters to be rinsed with clean water without bringing the operators into contact with the chemicals. Filling with the drip-free easyFlow quick coupling is simple, fast, and especially safe.