20 Mar 2024

DINO III - a new generation with many improvements

Better quality of work:

11% larger static wheel radius - less specific pressure on the soil. Portals more hidden in the wheel discs. New stainless steel covers on the chassis underside to prevent damage to vegetation. Improved stabilisation of spray pump speed when other hydraulic functions are switched on - smoother rate control.

More comfort and better ergonomics for the operator:

Improved handling, new axle linkage to eliminate vertical movement during braking and starting. Autobreak - automatic release of the handbrake when starting uphill. Bump damping range increased by 15%. New suspension cab included as standard equipment. Calmer ride on the road even at a maximum speed of 50 km/h. 5 dB less noise in the cab. New 10“ terminal for display and control of all engine, travel and hydraulic functions. New storage compartments. More powerful LED lighting.

Better operating economy:

Reduced oil tank by 60 litres, simplified steering design with fewer hydraulic components, lower operating pressures in the hydraulic system, lower engine speed even at maximum travel speed, lower diesel consumption.

Easier maintenance and servicing:

Hinged engine cover and other covers removable without tools. Maintenance and service points more accessible. Remote connection to the terminal with the possibility of active service interventions. Better marking of hydraulic hoses and filters. Removal of even the heaviest components (e.g. 250 kg travel pump) can be carried out in the field without having to move the machine to the road or workshop. New cable harness - easier replacement.



20 Mar 2024

Fugate applicator AFA

The application of fugate (the liquid component of biogas station waste) in winter wheat in the spring season was able to completely replace industrial nitrogen fertilisers on a common farm. The fugate contains both a rapidly decomposable nitrogen component that is immediately accessible to the plant, but also slower nitrogen, so that there is no need for qualitative fertilisation of the wheat. Fertilising with fugate has increased the nitrogen content of wheat and greatly increased the certainty of achieving food quality wheat even in the rainy season during harvest. The new 15,000 litre tank significantly increases the daily performance, distance travelled per fill and reduces the number of passes through the field with an empty tank. The new 18-24 m Bomech boom with hose applicator and 18.75 cm boom spacing meets the latest requirement for incorporating fugate into the soil to reduce nitrogen leakage into the air.



17 Mar 2024

Trailed sprayer GIGANT

The new tank shape - the tapered trough now has a 50% smaller volume, significantly reducing the residual amount of spray liquid. The cut-out at the top of the tank for the folded boom has been reduced, the overall transport height is up to 4 m even with the largest version of 14,000 litres, 36 m with the highest wheels. This has also raised the ground clearance to 70 cm. It is now possible to order active steering for both axles, including crab running when driving on slopes. A new cover for the controls on the left side better protects the electronics and improves the overall design of the machine.



More about the GIGANT sprayer





16 Dec 2020

The new AG-200 antenna

The new AG-200 antenna from Müller Elektronik is a full-fledged replacement for the existing A101 and AG-STAR receiver types. It can work with all positioning systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou) and further processes freely propagated correction signals EGNOS, WAAS, GAGAN and MSAS. With these free corrections, it achieves an accuracy of 15-20 cm. This antenna can also process the paid Trimble RTX correction signal, which has worldwide coverage.

It is also backward compatible with older machines, so a non-repairable A101 / AG-STAR can be replaced with the new AG-200.




5 Dec 2019

AFA fugate (sludge water) applicator


In cooperation with company Vogelsang, we have developed a hose applicator for fugate - liquid waste from a biogas plant. The Voegelsang pump has a capacity of 150,8 m3 / h at 540 rpm. Compared to similar machines, AFA is equipped with a dosing unit for DAM fertilizer, so that the fugate can be enriched with nitrogen as required. The first prototype was made on a single-axle chassis with a tank of 8000 l, in the future it will be possible to extend it to a tandem chassis with a tank of 12000 l.





4 Dec 2019

Price TAČR 2019

The research team team consisting of Agrio company, Faculty of AgriSciences of Mendel University in Brno and WIRELESSINFO company received award of year 2019 from TA ČR in „Society“ category for project called „Development of the system for variable rate application of pesticides and fertilizers using crop monitoring“.

Prizes were also awarded in the Bussiness, Governance and Partnership categories. Of these four winners, the project that appealed to the guests most was selected by the guests directly during the ceremony. This project then received the “Czech Idea” award. Our team also won in this category.