Range (m) A B C D E
24 - 36 3950 11000 2640 2640 3000

E Indicated width of the sprayer


Type Empty Fill
3-Rex 10.000 13.400 24.000

Booms and tank

Work. width (m) Content (l)
24 - 36 10000



  • self-propelled machine driven by a Deutz 250kW engine
  • comfort cabin with pneumatic suspension including heating, AC, air seat, windshield washers
  • Sauer Danfoss hydraulic pumps
  • Poclain hydraulic motors
  • integrated brakes
  • hydraulic differential lock
  • hydro-pneumatic suspension of front and central axle, pneumatic suspension of rear axle, three-axle steering, wheel track 190-225 cm
  • 4 speed ranges, 280l fuel tank
  • 5 driving speed gears from 0 - 40 km/h
  • rear axle, central pneumatic sprung axle, hydro-pneumatically sprung, steerable
  • Steering of front, rear, all axles, „crab travel“
  • Ground clearance 120cm


  • COMFORT-Terminal computer
  • fiberglass tank with breakwaters and internal washing
  • pressure and overflow agitation
  • Annovi Reverberi piston-membrane pump
  • eco-mixer with double function controller
  • Topline option - remote switching of sprayer’s operation functions
  • external filling with 2” valve, return valve
  • 1 suction + 2 pressure filters
  • clean water tank with 10% of main tank volume
  • boom tilting and suspension
  • air control fitting
  • sections of working width
  • stainless distribution with triple nozzle holders
  • Tires from 380/90 R50 to 650/65 R42
  • Wheel track 190-225 cm
  • Wheelbase 525cm

The 3-Rex is our largest self-propelled sprayer on the market. Its exceptional feature is its three driving axles for „crab travel“ and stable slope driving. With a 12,000l tank, it provides maximum daily performance without unnecessary filling stops. In addition to the spraying extension, it can be also fitted with an artificial fertilizer spreader and a tank for digest in corn during vegetation.